Welcome to PennLink Group

PennLink Group was established to develop resources for Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. The group consists of the owners and operators of the reflector system and many associated external assets and three additional Board Members, who bring additional expertise in many aspects of digital communications. Please see the Advisory Board for details.

PennLink Group is a non- profit, non-commercial organization whose focus is supporting Digital Amateur Radio in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

The group maintains sites at the homes of these two individuals, which are equipped with 3 each HP Proliant 360 G7 servers with dual Six-Core X5650 Xeon 2.66GHz CPUs and 32GB of RAM. These 3 servers provide for a production environment (XLX045 K1NRA), a production environment (XLX145 WA3PNY) and a development environment (WA3PNY). The group also hosts 5 cloud servers on AWS, XLX545, XLX645, XRF245, AllStar Node 59108.

Our work started on the shoulders of Giants, who have done the hard work of developing software for reflectors and transcoding modules. It is to these individuals that we offer our work as a testament to the excellence of their work. Tom Early N7TAE, is the author of the XLX and XRF, and Qnet Icom Gateway software that we use here. We use software from DVSwitch, MMDVM, AllStar, and many more. We have developed Containerized input modules, which are publicly available for non commercial use.

The reflectors are offered in the spirit of free and effective communications, without warrant or guarantee. Please use them and have fun. Use of our network for commercial uses is strictly prohibited. Please see Acceptable Use Policies Tab for more information.

Paul, and Jeff