Pennsylvania Smart Groups

PennLink Group has established a Smart Group Server, for Pennsylvania. There are two groups currently defined:

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PENNXM PENNXM T XLX045 A Pennsylvania Cross Mode

Smart Groups are a connectionless communications group which allows stations to subscribe, and form a routing which is analogous to a talk group. To subscribe, place the "Callsign" of the group in URCall, and transmit. The system will set-up the routing, and send a special tone acknowledgement to your radio to alert you to the subscription. You will receive all the traffic which is on the smart group. Keep the "callsign" of the group in URCall, so that your transmissions will be broadcast on the smart group. Change to the Unsubscribe CallSign, and transmit to unsubscribe. There will be a special ring transmitted to you to confirm the unsubscribe.

Smart Groups work with both repeaters and hotspots which use ircDDB routing. The smart group server uses QuadNet