DSTAR G3 Repeater Monitoring

Icom has introduced a new function for the IC-705 transceiver having to do with the monitoring of G3 Repeaters. The changes has been made available in a new firmware download version 1.32. This functionality, so far, is only available for the IC-705 radio. Equivalent firmware upgrades for IC-9700 does not offer this function.

This function allows you to monitor a DSTAR Repeater even when you are not in the RF Coverage area, any place on the earth! Pretty Cool!

Here are the steps needed to upgrade an IC-705 to this functionality:
1. Download and install the IC-705 firmware update to 1.32 using the instructions which accompany the firmware upgrade.
2. Download and edit the "Connection IP Address List Example.csv" file
3. Edit the file to add a listing for the W3PLG B Repeater as the following line:
4. Be sure to save the file as a CSV type file, and replace "example" with today's date.
5. Copy the file into the IC-705 directory of the micro SD Card used by your IC-705 radio.
6. There is a new setup item at Menu/Set/DV Repeater Monitoring Set. touch this item, and you should see the file that you just edited. Touch/Select this file.
7. After that it only requires that you select the repeater you wish to monitor (in the “To” field of the DR mode display ( using the “Gateway CQ” ie. “USA Northeast” / W3PLG B ). Next you must turn on the monitor by pressing in the “Multi knob” and selecting the “RPT MONI” on the drop down menu.
8. That’s it. If the repeater can be monitored, there is a Moni indication on the “To” display line. The icon is solid white if it is actively monitoring, and non-white or non-existent if monitoring is not possible or if the linking has failed.

For more information, see : https://www.icomjapan.com/api/download.php?post_id=3106&fl=%2Fuploads%2Fsupport%2Fmanual%2FIC-705_ENG_FirmUpInfo_1.pdf
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