XLX Fusion Reflectors

PennLink Group XLX Reflectors have been upgraded to offer internal "Wires-X" reflectors in every module.

To use these reflectors, set your hotspot to YSF Reflector mode, and select the XLX reflector that you wish to address in the list of YSF Servers.

When your hotspot connects to the XLX reflector (Port 42000), you will be connected to the PennLink Group XLX module that is used for Cross-Mode operation. For XLX045 or XLX645, that is A module. For XLX545, that is B module.

If you are using a Yaesu Fusion Radio, which has Wires-X mode, you can enter the Wires-X mode (pressing the "X" key or other key for your radio). When set up properly, your radio will enter the Wires-X mode, and show a connection to the XLX reflector. It should show a link to Module A or Module B. If you command to search, you should see a list of modules which are available on the linked XLX reflector. By selecting a module, the system will connect you to that module. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_-9_Nd95EI

So, if you connect to XLX045, you will connect to Module A, and you can just use this module if you wanted to use module A. If you would like to connect to any other module of XLX045, you can enter the Wires-X mode, and search/select the desired module (eg. Module E), and you should be connected to that module, using the internal YSF/Wires-X reflector of XLX045.

Please note that this is a completely separate reflector system than the traditional YSF Reflector inputs which are included on selected modules of PennLink Group XLX Reflectors. So, two hams can talk with each other if one connects to US Penn-Link_04 (an external YSF Reflector), and the other uses a hotspot to connect to XLX045E using the Wire-X interface/commanding described on this page.

Note also that you must set up your hotspot to allow Wires-X pass-thru, and the passing of network commands, for this new system to operate properly. These controls may require an advanced mode in OpenSpot.

Wires-X has the annoying capability to command your radio to a new frequency. That capability is valuable for interfacing repeaters, but makes no sense for hotspots.

To get around this “behavior”, the authors of XLX software have provided a database for individual stations to register their preferred frequency for their hotspot. The default is 445.5 MHz.

To access this capability, on XLX045, for instance, go to the webpage http://xlx045.pennlinkgroup.com/wiresx/login.php . You will need to register with each XLX reflector system, so use xlx545 or xlx645 as a prefix for the remaining systems.