PennLink Group
Acceptable Use Policy

Scope: The scope of these policies pertain to infrastructure owned and operated by PennLink Group members, a non-profit organization/club located in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA. At the time of writing, these assets include: XLX045, XLX145, XRF245, XLX545, XLX645, P25 TG 3142, NXDN TG 3142, P25 TG6, P25 TG31425, NXDN TG31425, NXDN TG545, AllStar Hub 53108, AllStar Hub 529603.

In addition to these assets, these policies also generally apply to associated assets as follows: US WA3PNY-GW Reflector, WA3PNY DMR/P25/NXDN Repeater, Macungie, PA, W3PLG Fusion/Wires-X Repeater, Macungie, PA; W3PLG B DSTAR Repeater, Allentown, PA; K1NRA DMR Repeater, Carbondale, PA; K1NRA Fusion/Wires-X Repeater, Carbondale, PA. Other associated assets that may be added in the future.

Purpose: These policies are in effect to preserve un-impeded access and use of these assets in pursuit of the hobby of Ham/Amateur Radio, and to respect the policies of other Hams who own and operate other networks.

General: The assets covered under these policies allow for their use for non-commercial communications, which is consistent with the FCC Rules and Regulations in Part 97.

As such, Emergency Communications, and other communications, of a particular nature consistent with Amateur Radio is encouraged. Generally these communications are of a non-important nature, which do not justify the use of, or is of an emergency purpose which is not possible to complete, using existing commercial carriers.

Bridging: The linking of bridges to these assets is prohibited, unless agreed upon by the members of PennLink Group. Generally if Bridging is deemed necessary, it will be done by PennLink Group, and should not be originated outside of this structure. Bridging will only be done if PennLink Group owns both ends of the bridge, or if the link is provided/sanctioned by the owner of the source/destination such as Brandmeister DMR.

Linking of repeaters by their owners is encouraged, as long as it does not introduce other links which are incompatible with these policies.

Bridging is specifically prohibited, where parallel links are established to external networks that prohibit Cross Mode Operations, or to external networks who have not clearly given their assent to be linked to a Cross Mode Network.

All Star: All Star is an interesting and useful mode of communications. It differs from other digital modes, in its ability to initiate unlimited outgoing links to other nodes, and in its lack of imbedded identification of the originating station, as it originates as an analog signal. Please consider carefully what links you have established on your node before linking to PennLink Group AllStar assets, and if linking to a cross mode environment is suitable for all your links.

Contact Us: If you have questions about communications or are requesting new links or services please contact us at Where questions/suggestions involve associated assets, we will attempt to route your email to the appropriate owner/operator of that asset.