Penn-Link Group has pioneered a Docker Container solution for added Reflectors and transcoding tasks. Outside of the standard XLX reflector structure, all added reflectors on PLG servers are fielded using this technology which increases stability, isolation, and ease of fielding.

US Penn-Link_1 YSF06864 <—> XLX045A — PennLink Group, Hawley, Pennsylvania

US Penn-Link_2 YSF20223 <—> XLX045D <—> PennLink Group, Hawley Pennsylvania

US Penn-Link_3 YSF69186 <—> XLX545A <—> PennLink Group, Cloud

US Penn-Link_4 YSF35119 <—> XLX045E — PennLink Group, Hawley, Pennsylvania

US Penn-Link_5 YSF92207 <—> XLX545E — PennLink Group Cloud

US Penn_Link_6 YSF
12414 <—> XLX045B - PennLink Group, Hawley, Pennsylvania

US Penn-Link_7 YSF17947 <—> XLX045C PennLink Group,
Hawley, Pennsylvania

US Penn-Link_8 YSF19669 <—> XLX545A PennLink Group, Cloud

US Penn-Link_9 YSF06586 <—> XLX045W PennLink Group, Cloud

NXDN TG31425 <--> XLX045A — PennLink Group, Hawley, Pennsylvania

NXDN TG545 <—> XLX045E — PennLink Group, Hawley Pennsylvania

NXDN TG3142 — PennLink Group, Cloud

NXDN TG31426 — PennLink Group, Cloud

P25 TG357 — Virtual Amateur Radio Group (VARG, K8KH

P25 TG31425 <—> XLX045A — PennLink Group, Hawley, Pennsylvania

P25 TG6 (Local) <—> XLX045E Transcoded, Hawley Pennsylvania

P25 TG3142 — PennLink Group Cloud

P25 TG31426 — PennLink Group Cloud

NXDN TG65209 — Virtual Amateur Radio Group (VARG, K8KH,

P25 TG37225 — Haiti - Haiti Digital Communications League (HDCL - HH2MJF,

XRF245 Modules A-D, D-Plus, 30001 D-Extra, 30051 DCS

XLX045 Modules A-Z, D-Plus, 30001 D-Extra, 30051 DCS, 62030 MMDVM DMR

XLX545 Modules A-Z, D-Plus, 30001 D-Extra, 30051 DCS, 62030 MMDVM DMR

XLX645 Modules A-Z, D-Plus, 30001 D-Extra, 30051 DCS, 62030 MMDVM DMR,
42000 WiresX Fusion (Experimental)

is a MultiMode Transcoding Reflector which was constructed by Jeff, WA3PNY, and Paul, K1NRA. The Reflector is located at Hawley, PA, with a development and R&D at a second site at Macungie, PA (XLX145). These reflectors are offered as a public service to the Amateur Radio Community in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. We invite all licensed amateur radio operators to join us at these reflectors. The XLX reflectors allow YSF Yaesu Fusion, DSTAR, P25, NXDN, and DMR to intercommunicate freely.

Please see the Downloads section for instructions to connect to XLX045.

Please see the Dashboards section to view the dashboards for the system.

If you would like to link to XLX045 with a repeater or reflector of any kind, please contact us at

XLX045 consists of several integrated reflectors:

YSF Reflector - US Penn-Link_1 YSF06864 XLX045A
YSF Reflector - US Penn-Link_6 YSF12414 XLX045B
YSF Reflector - US Penn-Link_7
YSF17947 XLX045C
YSF Reflector - US Penn-Link_2 YSF20223 XLX045D
YSF Reflector - US Penn-Link_4 YSF35119 XLX045E
DSTAR Reflector XLX045
DMR Reflector XLX045 TG6 on every module
NXDN Reflector XLX045A TG:31425 IP
NXDN Reflector XLX045E TG:545 IP
P25 Reflector XLX045A TG31425 IP
P25 Reflector XLX045E TG6 IP

XLX045 includes a BM Server Link to TG-31425 on Module A, and a BM2XLX link to TG-310304 on Module C. Both of these are available by linking to DMR, TG-6 on the appropriate module.

XLX145 is used for Beta Testing of software, and is very similar to XLX045. XLX145 is not meant to be a public reflector.

XLX545 is different, in that it is a fully transcoding cloud based server consisting of YSF Reflectors, DMR, P25, NXDN, and DSTAR Reflectors. XLX545 functions as a backup for access to PA Cross Mode.
YSF Reflector - US Penn-Link_3 YSF69186 XLX545B (PA Cross Mode)
YSF Reflector - US Penn-link_5 YSF92207 XLX545E (Alt Cross Mode)
DSTAR Reflector XLX545 (DCS545) all modules
DMR Reflector XLX545 all modules
P25 Reflector XLX545B TG31426 IP
P25 Reflector XLX545E TG545 IP
NXDN Reflector XLX545B TG:31426 IP
NXDN Reflector XLX545E TG:545 IP

XRF245 is a multi DSTAR Protocol Reflector, accepting connections from D-Plus, D-Extra, and DCS DSTAR repeaters/hotspots. XRF245 Module A is connected to XLX545 Module B, which is the Cross Mode reflector. This is an alternate input for DSTAR users to access Cross Mode. XRF245 is a cloud server located in N. Virginia, and is part of AWS.

XLX645 is new generation XLX Reflector system, which includes YSF internal to the reflector structure. The system has a fully functional Wires-X Server included, which can be accessed by connecting at Port 42000, depressing the 'X' button to activate Wires-X, and search for the module (A-Z) that you wish to connect to. The radio should be left in the Wires-X mode while using the reflector. This is experimental, and I have had problems with Pi-Star Hotspots with this system. You are welcome to try it. Module A is linked to the PA Cross Mode TG 31425.

M17-PLG is a M17 protocol reflector. The system is registered on the M17 registry site located at : and is operational. The reflector is available at The dashboard is available at .

The XLX045 Reflector allows the five modes, YSF Fusion, DMR, P25, NXDN, and DSTAR to talk to each other through a system of Transcoding:

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