K1NRA Repeater - Is a new addition to the PennLink family of services - located on Salem Mountain in Wayne County PA, the main antenna is located at a height of 1800ft. The repeater provides coverage to Scranton and Wilkes Barre areas for DMR {70cm} and Fusion (Wires-X){2M}. The repeater is used by the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club and is open to all Amateur Operators in the area.

70 CM DMR - K1NRA (440.05625 Downlink/445.05625 Uplink - Color Code = 8)

2M FM/Fusion/Wires-X - K1NRA (145.110 Downlink/144.510 Uplink - PL=94.8 Hz)

K1NRA DMR offers TG310304, which is linked to XLX045C through Brandmeister

Regularly Scheduled Nets:

Monday 8:30-9:30 PA State Net, TG3142
Tuesday 12 PM NEPA Net, TG31424
Thursday 7-8 PM, ARRL, EPA Net, TG31425

For more information, visit the primary website for these repeaters.

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Lehigh Valley Repeaters - The following repeaters in the Allentown PA area offer links to XLX045A

N3RPV Allentown PA 441.6000 input 446.600 Output - DMR TS2 linked to BM TG31425 full time —> XLX045A

N3RPV Allentown PA 448.7750 Input 443.7750 Output P25  TG31425 by PTT —> P25 TG31425 (XLX045A), TG3142 by PTT.

N3RPV Allentown PA 927.0625 AllStar/FM

W3OI C Allentown PA 147.16500 Input 147.76500 Output DSTAR on XLX045A only when linked. {PENNLNKL (link) PENNLNK (use) PENNLNKU (unlink)} Auto unlink after 30 minutes of no RF traffic.

WA3PNY Macungie PA - 447.875 Output 442.875 Input - DMR TS=2, CC=2, BM, P25 (P25 TG3142 PA Wide P25), NXDN (Icom) (NXDN TG3142 PA Wide NXDN).
(Individual Mode hang 20 sec, before mode search.)
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W3PLG B, Allentown, PA - DSTAR - 447.7125/442.7125 Quadnet Gateway (Icom Stack), G3 Terminal Service.
Please note that although US Trust registration is not required for use of DCS, XRF, XLX reflectors; use of REF reflectors does require US Trust registration.
Regularly Scheduled Nets:
Wednesday 7 - 8 PM, D-Rats Practice Session
Thursday 7-8 PM, ARRL, EPA Cross-Mode Net
Saturday 9PM-12AM - International Wires-X Net
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W3PLG Macungie PA - 447.625 Output 442.625 Input - Fusion/Wires-X links to rooms on Wires-X persist for 1 hour unless being used, then 1 hour after last local RF transmission. The system is fully commanded through Wires-X mode. FM analog mode input uses 131.8 Hz tone.

Bridged to US PennLink_09 Fusion Reflector and XLX045W

Regularly Scheduled Nets:

Saturday 9 PM - 12 AM - International Wires-X Net (Linked to America-Link Room)
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We are moving toward the ability for any digital operator on any mode in the Lehigh Valley to be able talk to every other operator on any digital mode with no hot spot needed. Thanks to the Repeater Owners who have provided this service with XLX045.