XLX045 Multiprotocol Reflector
   XLX045 v2.3.24 - Dashboard v2.4.0 (info.pennlinkgroup.com)  /  Service uptime: 282 days 19:07:00
# Reflector Country Service Comment
1 XLX000 USA Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Florida East Coast Reflector (1) - part of the ARRG.US Array---Sponsored by NO4RD
2 XLX001 Digiland Telegram Group Italia Server per Transcodifica su Porta A
3 XLX002 USA Hosted by Kings of Digital. DMR only: TG 4001-4026. XRF, DCS, REF used by other reflectors
4 XLX003 USA Hosted by K6KD. Experimental. 26 modules.
5 XLX004 Michigan USA Great Lakes Reflector [MOD A TG4001 DMR to BM 31261
6 XLX005 UK Welcome to New UK XLX005 Replacement for DCS005
7 XLX006 Germany hosted by DO1DAS
8 XLX007 The Netherlands DCS007 Reflector
9 XLX008 USA Hosted by Kings of Digital. DMR only: TG 4001-4026. XRF, DCS, REF used by other reflectors
10 XLX009 Taiwan Hosted by HAMTalk Club
11 XLX010 Sweden DCS010
12 XLX011 Belgium DCS011 Running XLX
13 XLX012 Germany Hosted by DL5OCD Locator JO42XG
14 XLX013 United States N4KVL XLX REFLECTOR
15 XLX014 Australia DCS014 running XLXd
16 XLX015 Germany DL-MultiNet-Bridge * DMR+/D-Star/C4FM/NXDN/Peanut * Transcoder on all Modules
17 XLX016 Japan Hosted by JF7SGB in Akita-Pref, Japan.
18 XLX017 Catalunya Xarxa Digital Catalana (XLX v2.2.2) www.EA3HKB.com
19 XLX018 Spain DCS018 Gateway with Icom Terminal Access
20 XLX019 Czech Republic and Slovakia OK+OM D-Star DMR Fusion Multiprotocol Gateway
21 XLX020 USA Amateur Digital for New Jersey and Beyond
22 XLX021 Germany Projekt PEGASUS XLX 021 projekt-pegasus.net
23 XLX022 Austria OPEN D-Star Austria, We are connected with Schweiz, Italia, Suedtirol
24 XLX023 Bulgaria Bulgaria HAM Network
25 XLX024 Italia Gruppo Radioamatori SICILIA Svxlink
27 XLX026 United States CNHARC
28 XLX027 USA DX-Link2 ECHOLINK<>DMR(TG3128903)<>DSTAR<>ASL507350
29 XLX030 Austria Digital Voice Austria
30 XLX032 Luxembourg Hosted by RL (www.rlx.lu)
31 XLX033 ITALY XLX033-SYSTEM Digital Group ARI IQ5KG Altopascio Montecarlo (Lucca)
32 XLX035 Washington, USA Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts
33 XLX036 US of A Family Reflector For Family Chats. ALL hams are welcome. Currently only DMR
34 XLX039 ITALY IT Reflector DMR DSTAR C4FM by Gruppo Radio Firenze
35 XLX040 Portugal Portuguese XLX Reflector
36 XLX042 USA East Coast Reflector Bridge IRLP9050
37 XLX043 USA Paudling County, GA ARES
38 XLX044 Canada FREE STAR XLX044
39 XLX045 USA Penn-Link - info.pennlinkgroup.com - DSTAR/DMR//YSF/P25/NXDN/Wires-X
40 XLX046 Sweden XLX046, YSF.C4FM.SE, Wires-X 28635, TG2416
41 XLX047 JAPAN Hosted by JL3ZBS 'Day After Day D*STAR Network'.
42 XLX049 Northern Ireland www.digitalhamireland.com
43 XLX050 USA San Francisco Bay
45 XLX052 Japan Welcome to XLX052 in Morioka-City, Iwate-Pref.
46 XLX053 Italy XLX reflector for Wi-Fi hamnetwork | Gruppo Radio Alte Frequenze & GRVdC.eu & CISAR Elba
47 XLX054 USA Hosted by Charlotte Digital Radio Group
48 XLX055 Beijing, China Built by Team Helix, May 2019.
49 XLX056 USA SCMidlands Reflector DMR, D-Star YSF90443
50 XLX058 Japan Hosted by VoIP Gifu Net Ham Club (JJ2YQH).
51 XLX059 USA Rhode Island Digital Link - Dstar DCS059A, DMR 31444, YSF 93196, NXDN 31444, Allstar 45592 / 45595
53 XLX064 Aichi Japan Welcome to Japanese XLX Reflector Gateway
54 XLX065 Trinidad & Tobago Hosted By 9Y4AT
55 XLX066 ITALIA Zona (8) Grottaminarda (AV) ITALY SysOp Antonio IU8CRI
56 XLX067 Burgo - Spain XLX C.E.R.T. - Hosted by EA1HNC Digital Mode - HBlink
57 XLX068 Italy IrcDDB-Italia - www.ircddb-italia.it - www.ircddb.it
58 XLX069 Canary Islands XLX069 <> YSF ES_ELITE
59 XLX070 UK Coventry Amateur Radio Society
60 XLX071 Daegu R.O.Korea Korea Multi Protocol Reflector XRF071 Hosted by KARG & DS5TUK. Located in Daegu, Korea(PM45HU)
61 XLX072 San Diego, USA Hosted by N0MIS
62 XLX073 Philippines DX1PAR - Philippine Amateur Radio Association Inc.
63 XLX074 Brandenburg JO62OO Schweizer SRV
64 XLX076 Japan Hosted by VoIP Reflector Club in Tokyo, Japan.
65 XLX077 MEX-USA 0077-NETWORK IRLP, YSF, DMR, D-Star en Espanol
66 XLX080 Japan Hosted by JR3VH Club XLX Reflector in Osaka.
67 XLX081 Japan Hosted by JR3VH Club XLX Reflector in Osaka.
68 XLX082 Planet Earth XLX082
69 XLX083 Italy Hosted by C.I.S.A.R. - National Manager IZ7JWR
70 XLX084 Catalina Island, CA XLX Server for the Catalina Island Repeater Association
71 XLX085 Yokohama Japan Yokohama Tsuzuki Reflector
72 XLX086 Beijing, China Built by Team Helix, May 2019
73 XLX087 The Netherlands Hamnet facing reflector run by PA4TW. Located in Amsterdam, NL.
74 XLX088 The Netherlands Official reflector run by PA4TW. Located in Amsterdam, NL.
75 XLX089 The Netherlands Experimental reflector run by PA4TW. Located in Amsterdam, NL.
76 XLX090 Italy XLX Catania - Daniele IW9GRL
77 XLX091 USA Hosted by N2LRB, New York, NY
78 XLX092 USA WI6Y Experimental Reflector
79 XLX093 Italy - Digital Network Rete multiprotocollo XLX093 D, TG BM 22487, YSF23740 (XLX093 Mod.A:DIGILAND) By IZ0THD & IZ0LDE
80 XLX095 Japan Hosted by JE7ZDR Miyagi Reflector HAM Club.
81 XLX097 SPAIN XLX Hosted by EA5AYB & EA5HGE (System Operators EA5AYB, EA5HGE & EA4FVB)
82 XLX098 Nagoya JAPAN Welcome to xrf098 Rintaro's Room
83 XLX099 ITALY XLX099 Apulia XLX Italia D-Star Network - Sysop IZ7AUH Frank
84 XLX100 USA Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Florida's West Coast Reflector -sponsored by NO9S--part of the ARRG.US D-STAR array
85 XLX101 USA Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Part of the ARRG.US ARRAY
86 XLX102 USA Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Part of the ARRG.US ARRAY ~ PNUT on DCS102B ~~
87 XLX103 Canada sponsored by VE3OLC / NO9MB for the Manitoulin ARC
88 XLX104 USA Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Users in Stone Mountian, Georiga - part of the ARRG.US Array---Sponsored by NO9S & NO4RD
89 XLX105 FRANCE HotSpot D-Star - 73 de Christophe F4HWB
90 XLX107 Italy Coordinamento Nazionale Radioscouting Italia - https://radioscout.it
91 XLX108 Japan Hosted by JA0YOT in Nagano Japan.
92 XLX109 Japan Experimental Reflector
93 XLX110 Japan Hosted by Tokai University School of Medicine (JQ1ZWV) in Isehara-City.
94 XLX111 Japan Hosted by Tokai University School of Medicine (JQ1ZWV) in Isehara-City.
95 XLX112 Spain DCS112 Reflector
96 XLX114 FRANCE Reflecteur Multi-protocole Francais (C4FM DMR DSTAR WIRES-X)
97 XLX115 Switzerland HB9VD XLX Reflector
99 XLX117 Uruguay Uruguay-Link (DStar-C4FM-DMR) Peanut
100 XLX118 Italy Gruppo Dstar Agrigento - Siracusa
101 XLX119 Korea IPSC2-DMR(TG843)/YSF(843IPSC2)/WIRES-X
102 XLX120 Scotland Multi DV Test Site
103 XLX121 your_country your_comment
104 XLX124 Japan Hosted by JA8IBG in Sapporo-City Hokkaido,Japan.
105 XLX125 Hungary Welcome to Hungarian XLX reflector
106 XLX126 Poland PL Torun Local Network DMR/YSF
107 XLX127 Japan Now testing.
108 XLX129 Kanagawa Japan JN1GUW Ayase-city Reflector
109 XLX130 Austria Amateurfunk Club Digital Voice Austria
110 XLX131 The Netherlands Reflector hosted by PE1ER
111 XLX132 Poland Polish Multiprotocol Reflector, 6CH TransCoder, YSF 09815, DMR+ TG260/TG6, BM DMR TG260041
112 XLX139 USA SouthEast Link - YSF:#95984, Wires-X:#43389, D-Star:XRF139A/REF090D, DMR:TGIF #43389 - lmarc.net
113 XLX140 Worldwide XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
114 XLX141 USA VaDigital Reflector
115 XLX145 USA Penn-Link - www.pennlinkgroup.com:8082/main - Dstar/YSF/Wires-X crossmode
116 XLX146 Cyprus Cyprus XLX reflector
117 XLX147 Europe Hosted by Robust Packet Network. Special interest for the HF RPR APRS & PACTOR community.
118 XLX151 SE XLX151, ysfsl.c4fm.se, wires-x 28635, echolink
119 XLX160 Japan Hosted by JF6ROW in Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka-Pref.
120 XLX168 Thailand XLX168 by E25ECY
121 XLX170 Korea DMR,D-STAR Reflector(TG4001~TG4003,TG9)
122 XLX171 Korea IPSC2 DMR+
123 XLX172 Trinidad & Tobago 9Y4C DXHAMS Reflector
124 XLX173 Philippines PARA - Philippine Amateur Radio Association
125 XLX175 Ohio - USA Hosted by KE8KHN
126 XLX180 Ohio USA WARN - Weather Amateur Radio Network (W8NWS)
127 XLX185 Bulgaria Internet & AMPRNet XLX Reflector
128 XLX190 Argentina Argentina ROOM, DV Bridge
129 XLX192 Japan Hosted by JA5ZNO Kagawa Japan
131 XLX196 Canada Almonte Amateur Radio Club, Tri-Mode Crosslink
132 XLX199 Japan SAKURA-Net Sagami Kanagawa Reflector
133 XLX201 UK XLX Reflector Dstar, DMR, YSF Transcoding
134 XLX205 USA XLX 205 Part of the Alabama Link
135 XLX206 Belgium XLX Belgium Dutch by ON4TOP
136 XLX208 France French D-Star XLX Multiprotol Gateway Reflector
137 XLX210 North America Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Sponsored by __NO9S - Part of the ARRG.US Array
138 XLX212 USA Member of the Kings of Digital Constellation. DMR only. TG 4001-4026.
139 XLX213 Trinidad & Tobago Hosted By 9Y4AT
140 XLX214 Spain Hosted by EDT
141 XLX215 Spain XLX215 Server D-STAR & YSF215
142 XLX216 USA DMR<->D-Star Reddit
143 XLX220 Miyazaki Japan Welcome to XLX220 in Miyakonojo-City Reflector
144 XLX222 Italy XLX222 IT Umbria
145 XLX224 Japan Hosted by Yokohama Digital communication Club (JQ1ZRS)
146 XLX225 Japan Hosted by 225 A.M.C / JS1YCB in Chigasaki-City Kanagawa-Pref, Japan.
147 XLX227 Romania YO W Server. Icom terminal/AP mode access, 6 channel transcoding, picture exchange on module E
148 XLX228 Switzerland Gruppo HB9CSR Basel der erste xlx der Deutschweiz
149 XLX229 Switzerland SWISS-ARTG Reflectort
150 XLX230 Czech Republic and Slovakia Test Server OK+OM D-Star DMR Fusion Multiprotocol Gateway
152 XLX234 JAPAN We wellcome Japanese QSO and test connection too
153 XLX241 Spain REM - Asociacion de Radio Amateur
154 XLX244 USA Hosted by KM4EXS in Dallas, TX
155 XLX245 USA Test XLX - Penn-Link Group
156 XLX246 N California, USA Silicon Valley Japanese Ham Club (SVJHC) and NW6UP
157 XLX250 Thailand Powered by Digital Thailand DX Association (DTDXA) & Hosted by Metrabyte.cloud
158 XLX254 Thaialnd 2CH Transcoder | D-star<>DMR Transcoding | YSF
159 XLX255 UKRAINE DMR (BrandMeister TG255) <=> D-Star (XRF255 B) Gateway
160 XLX256 United States of America Part of the Alabama Link System
161 XLX258 USA Hosted by N0MIS.
162 XLX260 Poland HBlink Local Network
163 XLX261 Poland HBLink
164 XLX262 Germany HAMNET MYK-NR: (transcoding) / Internet Info/Status: http://xlx.prgm.org (webproxy)
165 XLX263 Germany VFDB e.V. - www.vfdb.org (HAMs of the telecommunication industry)
166 XLX264 USA XLX264 -> XLX054: Hosted by W4BOG
167 XLX266 SPAIN Associaciò Analògic Digital Experimental Radio
168 XLX267 Italy UFO sightings - Avvistamenti UFO - Avistamientos de OVNIS
169 XLX268 Portugal XLX268 Portuguese: 4003(C)=Wires-X/YSF/TG268913, 4004(D)=TG268, 4005(E)=TG268912, 4006(F)=TG915, 402
170 XLX270 Luxembourg Hosted by RL (www.rlx.lu)
171 XLX271 USA AMSAT - Rovers and Chasers
172 XLX272 USA Digital Oddballs Radio Club
173 XLX275 JAPAN XLX275 TEST SERVER, Kanagawa, Japan
174 XLX277 USA Cental Utah public use reflector
175 XLX280 Italy XLX Calabria
176 XLX282 USA Welcoming members and alumni of radio clubs affiliated with colleges or universities
177 XLX284 Bulgaria Bulgaria
178 XLX287 New Zealand
180 XLX291 Japan Welcome to XLX291 Reflector Oume-City Tokyo,Japan by PACIFIC REPEATER NETWORK
181 XLX295 USA Hosted by OMIK Amateur Radio Association
183 XLX299 New Zealand Transcoding DMR YSF D-Star and Peanut + THGIF 31665 and TG969 QRM TG31200 and CQ UK Digital Voice New Zealand
184 XLX300 North America Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity part of the ARRGUS Array - sponsored by NO9S
185 XLX302 Canada Canada's XLX302 Crosslink
186 XLX303 USA Colorado Digital Multiprotocol
187 XLX305 Manchester, UK Oldham Amateur Radio Club XLX Reflector
188 XLX307 USA Powell Wyoming Multimode Reflector A-Z. Module D Transcoder DMR-DStar TG 31012
189 XLX311 Germany Multimode/Transcoder # more Information: https://xlx311.de
190 XLX312 USA DMR-MARC Multimode
191 XLX313 USA Transcoding D-STAR/DMR Reflector hosted by Kings of Digital. Modules A-F/TG4001-6.
192 XLX314 Argentina Servidor Multiprotocolo de Argentina Link
193 XLX315 Phoenix, Az., USA America Ragchew
194 XLX317 USA Indiana Digital Ham Radio XLX Reflector
195 XLX319 Worldwide **DX3L** MultiLink to | TG31933 | YSF23957 | Echolink*RIZAL* | ASL Node 50802|
196 XLX320 WW 10 Modules 6ch Transcoder
197 XLX321 Italy Dolomites Radio Club
198 XLX322 USA CNARN/Magellan XLX Reflector XLX322
200 XLX326 Japan Hosted by JS6QMR in Tomigusuku-City Okinawa-Pref, Japan.
201 XLX328 Switzerland Transcoder system DMR DSTAR YSF by Gruppo HB9CSR Basel
202 XLX329 Japan Hosted by 7N1MPI in Nasushiobara-City,Tochigi-Pref,Japan. XLX multiprotocol reflector.
203 XLX330 US Megalink Project Open Reflector - XCode DCS330A / BM TG 311070 / YSF #83603
204 XLX331 US Megalink Project Open Reflector - XCode DCS331C / DCS330C / YSF #nnnnnn
205 XLX332 Italia - Puglia - Lecce - Squinzano Hosted by IZ7JWR Enrico. XLX multiprotocol reflector
206 XLX333 ITALY http://server.ham.radio.it
207 XLX334 United States, Alabama Alabama Link: YSF Alabama Link Wires-X #28933, FCS00202, XRF334A, DMR 31010, NXDN 31010, P25 31010
208 XLX336 US XLX336 - Mid Atlantic Wireless Communicatons Group
209 XLX338 Taiwan XLX338 Reflector:Taoyuan Amateur Radio Club,SysOp BV3UN
210 XLX339 Germany Multiprotocol-Reflector for DL-LEHRTE by DL9CMA (DARC e.V.- OV H32)
211 XLX345 USA Connecticut DSTAR Group
212 XLX350 japan XLX VoIP Reflector by JA9DIJ Kanazawa City
213 XLX353 Ireland Hosted by EI7IG
214 XLX355 Japan Hosted by JP2LEY in Aichi, Japan.
215 XLX356 Bulgaria Hosted by LZ1ZDP
216 XLX358 Bulgaria Hosted by LZ3TX
217 XLX359 Bulgaria Bulgarian DStar ref = DMR transcoding to Brandmaster LINK to 284359
218 XLX360 Japan Hosted by JA3HHV in Takarazuka-City, Hyogo-Pref.
219 XLX362 Canada Mabuhay-Canada-Link
220 XLX364 USA New England Network XLX Reflector www.new-eng.com
221 XLX365 Japan Kounosu amateur radio club in Kounosu-City Saitama-Pref.
222 XLX367 USA JerryNet Reflector on XRF367 - Module A cross-linked (REF|XRF|DCS)367, YSF 68798, DMR TG 3128459
223 XLX369 US D-Star DMR YSF 04438 Wires-X 40821 KC2RC repeater all linked on module A. Net on Thursdays 2100EST
224 XLX370 Italy Liguria - TigullioHamradio
225 XLX371 Italy Liguria TigullioHamradio - DMR interlink
226 XLX373 Kyoto Japan Welcome to xlx373 Reflector Uji City Kyoto
227 XLX374 Japan Hosted by JR8YOM in Hokkaido.
228 XLX376 Parker, CO USA - Colorado Mega Reflector http://www.parkerradio.org/on-the-air
229 XLX377 Curacao Hosted by PJ2RAW for HAM Radio Operators
230 XLX379 Murphys, Ca. USA CQ-Ca. to Wires X / YSF
231 XLX381 United States Triangle NC XLX381 D-Star Reflector Modules:A=TAC 1, B=TAC 2, C=TriangleNC, D=LivePD
232 XLX382 Japan XLX382 Reflector Japan
233 XLX385 Croatia Transcoding. Deployment in progress.
234 XLX386 USA Foxhole RagChew
235 XLX388 USA Welcome to XLX388
236 XLX389 Australia
237 XLX390 Italy Associazione Onda Telematica
238 XLX391 Roma Italy Associazione OndaTelematica Transcoding Reflector
239 XLX393 Greece Radio Amateur Society of Crete
240 XLX400 USA Hosted by N5WLS
241 XLX402 USA Nebraska_Hub XLX Reflector
242 XLX404 Norway Norway XLX Reflector. DMR/FUSION Link. Sysop: LB1BI
243 XLX409 your_country This is a test Reflector
244 XLX410 United States San Antonio Texas Reflector. YSF 'XLX410' -- DMR BM 310217 -- N5AMD.COM/xlx410
245 XLX411 Netherlands MMX411-platform. Multi Mode [X]Cross 411. Hosted by PA0ROB. XLX Multiprotocol Reflector.
246 XLX416 Canada FREE STAR* Multi-Protocol Bridge
247 XLX420 ireland XLX420 AND XLX925 Hosted by MI5DAW
248 XLX421 Singapore GERMANY:D(4004)=DL-Nordwest TG26429/YSF/WIRES-X; SINGAPORE:S(4019)=TG525; NEW ZEALAND:B(4002)=XLX287
249 XLX423 USA A part of the SouthEast Link systems - lmarc.net
250 XLX425 France JN18CU Rueil-Malmaison
251 XLX431 Japan Hosted by 8075AMC (JJ2YSJ) in Kosai-City, Shizuoka-Pref.
252 XLX433 Germany Hosted by DG1JP
253 XLX434 SPAIN Hosted by ZuluRadio in Spain (Sysops EA4CZR & EA4FVB). XLX multiprotocol reflector
254 XLX435 Japan Hosted by JJ2YMG in Nagoya-City, Aichi-Pref.
255 XLX438 US KC2RC D-Star DMR YSF 04438 Wires-X 40821 all linked on module A. Net on Thursdays 2100EST
256 XLX440 Japan Hosted by E-KYUSHU XLX Reflector in Oita-City
257 XLX441 Japan Hosted by JA2JMV in Shinshiro-City, Aichi-Pre.
258 XLX444 Netherlands Interlink Experiment
259 XLX445 USA The Quiet Island
260 XLX446 USA The Quiet Island DMR<>DSTAR
261 XLX449 USA XLX 449 NH
262 XLX450 North America Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Part of the ARRGUS Array __Sponsored by NO9S
263 XLX453 Hong Kong, China Welcome to HKHAM XLX453 [Experimental Reflector run by VR2XRA]
264 XLX454 Hong Kong, China Welcome to HKHAM XLX454
265 XLX455 Mexico NorMex Multiprotocol - Sponsored by XE2PMP
266 XLX456 Germany XLX456 D-STAR for GERMANY
267 XLX464 Japan Ah-huh.NET
269 XLX468 your_country your_comment
270 XLX470 Oakley, Ca. USA OMISS Multi-mode XLX/YSF Reflector System
271 XLX475 Hiroshima JAPAN Hello! Welcome to XLX475 for BINGO(Fukuyama)[Hosted by JN4RYW]
272 XLX477 UK HUBNet<>DSTAR -Module B-
273 XLX479 USA Hosted by N9INK & NWA D-Star Group
274 XLX481 USA YSF Triangle NC
275 XLX483 Pine Grove, Ca. USA CW-Ops Academy System
276 XLX486 ITALY Italy - Basilicata - Potenza - XLX REFLECTOR
277 XLX487 Italy XLX TEST G3
278 XLX499 Japan Hosted by CQHAM.NET / PRUG
279 XLX500 Australia Hosted by VK2HK - Transcoding
280 XLX501 US XLX501 hosted by AB2M; Emergency Comms & General Use
281 XLX502 Guatemala C4FM DMR DSTAR
282 XLX505 Australia Hosted by VK7HSE
283 XLX508 Germany XLX508 Gateway Ostwestfalen is sponsored by HB9GFX Crosslink to BM26346 and YSF DE OWL (YSF19829)
284 XLX511 Slovenia Slovenia XLX511 Multyprotocl Gateway Reflector > Dstar, DMR BM293, YSF 48857
285 XLX514 Japan Hosted by Fukushima Mirai ARC XLX Reflector
286 XLX515 Japan Hosted by Narita Airport Club (JQ1ZLR) in Narita-City Chiba-Pref
287 XLX516 China your_comment
288 XLX518 Germany N18 Open D-Star Reflector
289 XLX519 Canada Sponsored by VE3ZIN.com
290 XLX520 Thailand Powered by Digital Thailand DX Association (DTDXA) & Hosted by Metrabyte.cloud
291 XLX521 Malaysia XLX Server provided by Malaysian Digital Group
292 XLX522 Malaysia Transcoding DMR/DSTAR,BM TG50210/525,Wires-X Malaysia room 24060/MYYSF/SingaporeYSFV2
293 XLX523 Malaysia XLX523 Test
294 XLX525 Italy D2ALP Trascode reflector
296 XLX527 Italy Welcome to XLX527 Experimental Systems Sysop IU2KAM
297 XLX530 New Zealand South Island XLX Reflector
298 XLX531 New Zealand Taupo Amateur Radio Club
299 XLX538 Osaka Japan Higashiosaka-city Hosted by JG3EBB /information-->http://jg3ebb.mydns.jp
300 XLX540 japan XLX VoIP Reflector by JA9DIJ Kanazawa City
301 XLX542 Lombard, Il. USA XLX542 Test Reflector
302 XLX544 Japan Hosted by JH0EYA in Nagaoka-City Niigata Japan.
303 XLX545 United States Penn-Link - www.pennlinkgroup.com:8082/main - Dstar/YSF/crossmode
304 XLX547 USA - California Kapihan Network - Worldwide Filipino Amateur Radio Digital Co-Op - www.kapihan.net
305 XLX550 Castellar del Valles (Spain) XLX EA3 CASTELLAR
306 XLX551 JAPAN Hosted by JL3OGC
307 XLX553 Philippines This is for the Philippine Digital Network Group
308 XLX555 Germany DB0FS in Hamburg with IC-9700 Terminal-Support. Free Picture-Exchange on Module E
309 XLX556 your_country your_comment
310 XLX557 Puerto Rico XLX557 KP4GA
311 XLX560 Japan Hosted by JA9DIJ in Kanazawa-City Ishikawa-Pref, Japan.
312 XLX567 Thailand XLX567 Thailand Reflector Suratthani
313 XLX569 JAPAN The club station JL3ZII is manage the XLX569 since 12/1/2017.
314 XLX575 United States Lansing, Michigan
315 XLX580 Japan XLX VoIP Reflector by JA9DIJ Kanazawa City
316 XLX583 JAPAN Hosted by JR2POZ in Susono City, Shizuoka Japan
317 XLX587 United States QuadNet Multiprotocol Reflector
318 XLX589 Citrus Co.-FL USA D-Star DMR YSF
319 XLX595 JAPAN Wellcom Biginner
320 XLX599 Japan Hosted by JM8KQE in Ebetsu-City, Hokkaido.
321 XLX600 Scotland XLX600 Reflector System in Scotland hosted by DV Scotland – www.dvscotland.net.
322 XLX601 Scotland DVScotland test server
323 XLX602 Scotland BBB Test |
325 XLX604 Scotland Scottish Borders
326 XLX606 North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Welcome to XRF606
327 XLX608 Fukuoka Japan WELCOME XRF608 Reflector by JR6PUE
328 XLX610 Italy DMR XLX for TG10, Trieste Area Repeaters
329 XLX613 Canada Sponsored by the Prescott-Russell Amateur Radio Club
330 XLX619 USA NZ6D XLX Test Reflector
331 XLX625 US WA8BRO Backyard Repeater Owners of America-Transcoding D-STAR/DMR/Fusion Reflector/ Hosted by DDRG.
332 XLX626 Japan Tokyo International 7J1AJH
333 XLX630 Japan Hosted by JA3NCL in Nara, Japan.
334 XLX634 Japan Hosted by VoIP Reflector HAM Club (JQ1ZTN) in Tokyo
335 XLX647 Ile de la REUNION XLX647 Multi Protocol Server, by FR5GS
336 XLX654 Italy XLX 654 Malpensa
337 XLX655 South Africa Transcoding Reflector
339 XLX666 US Open reflector
340 XLX669 US Phillipines Maharlika Dstar Link
341 XLX673 Japan Hosted by JL3ZIN in Takatsuki-City, Osaka.
342 XLX678 United Kingdom Hosted by M0LXQ :: Home of the 06:30 net
343 XLX680 japan XLX VoIP Reflector by JA9DIJ Kanazawa City
344 XLX684 SPAIN *** ERA/IRESC Emergencias - xReflector Multiprotocolo ***
345 XLX686 CHINA BR2SY XLX868 Reflecter TEST Running...
346 XLX687 USA Linking Dallas TX and beyond
347 XLX688 USA Black River Radio Ops, Icom Terminal Access
348 XLX689 USA West TEXAS
349 XLX698 Japan Hosted by JH4UVQ in Ohda-City.
350 XLX699 Sweden Tekniksnack.se
351 XLX701 Japan Hosted by XRF Takebe Club (JE4YOC) in Okayama-City, Okayama-Pref.
352 XLX703 Japan Hosted by JA7JPG in Fukushima-City, Fukushima-Pref.
353 XLX704 Japan Hosted by Osyu-Shirakawa AMC JE7ZBX in Fukushima-Pref.
354 XLX705 Japan Hosted by JJ6HZN in Kitakyushu-City Fukuoka-Pref, Japan.
355 XLX706 Italy Official TG2230 DSTAR-DMR-YSF-WiresX - Server Trascodifica Zona 0 Lazio - 773 radio Group
356 XLX707 The Netherlands PA7LIM test XLX reflector
357 XLX708 Japan Hosted by Daigasen Sky-island Ham club in Tsuyama-City Okayama, Japan
358 XLX709 UK DVMEGA UK XLX Reflector
359 XLX712 Japan Hosted by JE7ZCW in Shizukuishi-Cho Iwate-Pref.
360 XLX713 Japan Hosted by Kashiwa Syounan Ham Club in Moriya-City,Ibaraki-Pref.
361 XLX714 Catalunya Xarxa Digital Catalana (XLX v2.3.5) www.EA3HKB.cat
362 XLX717 The Netherlands Hobbyscoop XLX Reflector
363 XLX720 United States ColoradoMEGA System http://www.parkerradio.org
364 XLX722 Argentina *ARG* Multiprotocolo Digital XLX722C - BM TG 7225 - YSF Ar ARG. Bienvenidos
365 XLX723 Greece D-Star Reflector hosted by SV1BGM in Athens - Test
366 XLX724 Brazil DV Brazil Group
367 XLX725 United States The '725: VA/MD/DC & Beyond. Hosted by NQ4T
368 XLX735 USA QuadNet Multiprotocol Reflector
369 XLX736 Greece Experimental server on Raspberry pi 4
370 XLX737 Greece RAAG XLX reflector DMR Link TG20207 info:sv1iw@raag.org
371 XLX738 Japan Hosted by Kamenoko HAM Club, JJ2YAE in Aichi, Japan.
372 XLX740 USA XLX740 Gateway Repeater Group, Mount Sterling, Kentucky
373 XLX741 Japan Hosted by JO4HHL in Iwakuni-City Yamaguchi-Pref
374 XLX745 Yamaguchi Japan Syunan city Susuma Reflector
375 XLX748 U.S.A. D-Star DMR YSF Reflector
377 XLX750 New Zealand Digital Radio Group NZ
378 XLX751 New Zealand Digital Radio Group NZ
379 XLX752 Australia Digital Radio Group AU
380 XLX755 Corsica TKNet VoIP - Corsican multiprotocol digital and analog network (http://tknet.radioamateur.tk)
381 XLX757 New Zealand PACIFIC
382 XLX760 US Philippines Link:BM TG-51503|YSF SoCalPinoy|YSF-XLX760|DStar DCS760|DMR-XLX760A|ASL-41849|Echolink K6KWB-L
383 XLX762 USA Western NY Reflector
384 XLX765 Japan Sakura VPS Ishikari-#1 feat. OpenBSD (testing IPv6 at
385 XLX766 Brazil Site XLX Amrase Brazil
386 XLX768 Portugal XLX768 DMR - Reflector de apoio a novos Radioamadores
387 XLX770 Tokushima Japan Hosted by JG5VfK Tokushima JAPAN
388 XLX773 Italy ZONA 0 - 773 RadioGroup - Roma - Latina
389 XLX776 Japan Hosted by JN1KTG in Chiba Japan.
390 XLX777 SPAIN Transcoding DMR<>DStar<>Fusion XLX Server Hosted by EALINK (System Operator EA4FVB)
391 XLX778 Poland XLX(DMR/DSTAR/C4FM/P25/NXDN)<-->HBLink Kutno/YSF Kutno
392 XLX781 Japan Welcome to XLX781 Reflector Tosa-Kochi Japan by Tosachou Bousai Ham Club.
393 XLX787 Germany Welcome to North Germany! DMR via modules C (TG 26226) and F (TG 26227). Hosted by DL6EAT
394 XLX789 US Testing XLXD
395 XLX794 Japan Hosted by JM8IXA in Sapporo-City, Hokkaido.
396 XLX800 Bulgaria DMR-YSF Reflector hosted by LZ1PLC
398 XLX802 AUSTRIA - VIENNA OE1 XLX802 OE1GXK Icom Terminalmode Testserver, Test-IP via Hamnet
400 XLX805 USA DMR<->AllSTAR<->C4FM (The Missing Link)
401 XLX806 Austria OE8 Kaernten OE8 Kaernten Relais + Hotspot Server
402 XLX807 Japan XLX807G<->YSF JP,JAPAN Bridge
403 XLX808 USA Experimental reflector hosted by N5WLS
404 XLX810 USA Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Part of the ARRG.US ARRAY Now with 6 DSTAR<>DMR channels ~~ PNUT on DCS810G ~~
405 XLX811 North America Now with G3 Terminal Connectivity Part of the ARRG.US Array __sponsored by NO9S
406 XLX812 Japan Hosted by JF6ROW in Hakata, Fukuoka.
407 XLX816 USA - Inglis Florida naturecoastradio.org
408 XLX817 Citrus County,Fl.USA Gulfcoastradio.net
409 XLX818 China Hosted by BD4SRN in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.Link to CN NanjingYSF.
410 XLX821 usa kj4lxt
411 XLX822 Thailand XLX822 Thailand reflector hosted for All friends
412 XLX823 Thailand XLX Thailand
413 XLX824 usa port richey new setup kj4fpa 229
414 XLX825 France XLX Multi Protocol Server
415 XLX827 USA Houston Area D-Star Reflector
416 XLX828 Switzerland HB-CONNECT
417 XLX830 USA StarLink System XLX830 Server
418 XLX838 Canary Islands XLX838 Prov. Tenerife
419 XLX844 Germany HAMNET only Reflector
420 XLX850 Germany MultiMode DV: BM-TG263<=>YSF DE-Germany<=>Wires-X
421 XLX852 HK HAM XLX 852ham
422 XLX856 USA XLX856 Gateway Repeater Group, Mount Sterling, Kentucky
423 XLX860 Germany XLX860 Allgaeu Multiprotokoll
424 XLX861 Canada Hosted by VA6MO. Canada (EN & FR) & US Modules
425 XLX866 Germany Regio Braunschweig
426 XLX867 France Welcome to Alsace XLX Server
427 XLX875 ITALIA XLX875
428 XLX878 Japan Hosted by JR1LKL in Ota-ku Tokyo.
429 XLX883 Tokushima Japan hosted by JG5VFK XLX883 Reflector Tokushima JAPAN
430 XLX886 Taiwan Transcoding Enabled, DV Taiwan Amateur Radio Club, sysop: BU2EA (BX2AFC)
431 XLX887 Taiwan XLX Test Server, sysop: BU2EA
432 XLX888 Sicily Island - Italy DMR/DStar/C4FM/Peanut - R.N.R.E.
433 XLX891 USA Erie County, NYS, N2CID D-Star Gateway - N2CID :: Digital Amateur Radio Network. www.cidcomm.com
434 XLX892 USA Erie County, NYS, N2CID D-Star Gateway - N2CID :: Digital Amateur Radio Network. www.cidcomm.com
435 XLX893 Japan Sanyo Packet Doukoukai
436 XLX900 Spain XLX hosted by EA2CQ. Dstar<>DMR powered by AMBE3003. Letter F<->TG2142 Brandmeister.
437 XLX903 SPAIN XLX Hosted by EA1IVQ
438 XLX904 Japan Hosted by Kure Digital Ham Club (JE4YND) in Kure-City.
439 XLX905 Austria OEVSV LV OE9 XLX Multiprotocol Reflector
440 XLX906 Spain DCS906 RC-Veleta Spain XLX906-DCS906-XRF906 Reflector
441 XLX907 SPAIN XLX Hosted by EA4GAX
442 XLX908 SPAIN XLX Hosted by ADM (System Operators EA4RO & EA4FVB)
443 XLX909 SPAIN XLX Reflector hosted by EALINK (System Operator EA4FVB)
444 XLX911 Thailand Hosted by The DXer (E20AE)
445 XLX912 SPAIN XLX Hosted by EA7CCQ
446 XLX913 USA A part of the SouthEast Link systems - lmarc.net
447 XLX915 USA info.pennlinkgroup.com
448 XLX917 USA Super Freq 420
449 XLX919 SPAIN XLX Hosted by EA4BA (System Operators EA4BA & EA4FVB)
450 XLX922 Scotland Wires-X Connected XRF922-MB6ER. Dstar Dmr C4FM. Hosted and run by GM7KBK.
451 XLX925 ireland All Modes Wires X Linking Hosted by MI5DAW
453 XLX929 Quebec Canada Welcome to Canada (Quebec) Reflector
454 XLX930 Italy XLX930 - Gruppo DSTAR Lecce (sysop IZ7KYS)
455 XLX931 USA Hampton, VA Hostname: xref.kw4yb.com
456 XLX933 France XLX933 Reflecteur DSTAR/DMR/C4FM Echolink Dstar-France.fr
457 XLX934 Italia XLX Reflector ARI Friuli Venezia Giulia
458 XLX935 Italia XLX935 - Gruppo DSTAR Lecce - (Sysop IZ7KYS)
459 XLX936 New Zealand Digital Voice New Zealand
460 XLX940 Japan Hosted by JA0POR in Nagaoka-City, Niigata-Pref.
461 XLX944 Japan Hosted by Q-Yoshinogawa (JR5YEP) in Tokushima-Pref.
462 XLX945 Germany * All-Net-Multi-Mode-Server Germany * DMR * D-Star * C 4 * Peanut * Sysop:* DL 1 BH *
463 XLX950 Luxembourg XLX Multiprotocol Gateway developer platform hosted by DVC (dvc@rlx.lu)
464 XLX951 USA Youth Amateur Radio Network
465 XLX955 Thailand ThaiDstar
466 XLX956 USA DX-Link2 ECHOLINK<>DMR(TG3128903)<>DSTAR<>ASL507350
467 XLX957 Italy Cluster-Brescia TG-222030 Modulo C
468 XLX959 Japan Hosted by JA5LUA in Takamatsu-City.
469 XLX964 USA Test XLX Reflector by WD9T
470 XLX965 Italy HBlink ITALIA
471 XLX966 Thailand Ditigal Radio Reflector of Thailand Only [XLX966/DCS001U]
472 XLX969 UK NWFG multi protocol reflector
473 XLX970 Japan Hosted by JL3ZAY in Onogoro
474 XLX972 Israel Bridge to BrandMeister TG 425
475 XLX973 Japan Transcoding YSF XLX973 (C4FM) at module Y (D-STAR) by JL3ZIN
476 XLX974 Qatar Testing Stage
477 XLX976 USA Testing and other insanity
478 XLX979 Thailand Welcome to XLX Mutiprotocol Gateway Reflector G3 Termainal Support
479 XLX982 USA Welcome to the W8LRK Livingston County MI Regional XLX/XRF Reflector
480 XLX983 USA VoIP Multimode ILS: ASL/EL/HH/DMR/D-STAR/YSF - K8JTK.org
481 XLX986 Germany Thuringia XLX Multi Reflector
482 XLX987 Czech Rep test gateway
483 XLX988 Spain DCS018 Gateway with Icom Terminal Access
484 XLX989 USA TEXAS Transcoded DMR/D-STAR/YSF Reflector
485 XLX990 USA Rocky Mountain Experimental XLX
486 XLX991 ITALY /4 ch. Transcoded Multiprotocol DMR-DSTAR-WIRESX-YSF-PEANUT Module B Italy BM/TG22292 - Module D Mul
487 XLX992 US Swansea, MA
488 XLX993 USA XE2DNN Red Digital del Noroeste A.C.
489 XLX994 UK Hosted by The Online Radio Club - MX0ONL
490 XLX995 China XLX995 by bi7jta.org (Sysop BI7JTA),for learning, education
491 XLX996 China XLXd by hamclub.net (Sysop BG5HHP)
492 XLX997 Italy D-Star Group Lodi - Lombardia
493 XLX998 USA Welcome to the W8LRK Livingston County MI Regional XLX/XRF Reflector
494 XLX999 Italy Welcome to IW1ELO's Reflector
495 XLXCAT Romania D-Star Reflector System for D-STAR YO Network